Monday, April 3, 2017

House Design

Sketchup's of the house

Exterior of the front of the house (looking SE)
The silos are not to store grain in for the end of days, but instead to capture rainwater for irrigation and toilet flushing.

Exterior of the rear of the house (looking NW)
Lots of people will be visiting our house apparently. The brown structure in the foreground is the Detached Additional Dwelling Unit, in Seattle, affectionately called a DADU.

 Interior of the main floor Dining and Kitchen.
We'll be able to have dinner for 8 with no problem. Also the kitchen is designed with no upper cabinets creating a clean uncluttered look. 

Interior of the main floor with living room and front door.
See! More strange guys in our house. The open web steel trusts will give additional height to the main floor and not be as dominating as wood beams.  

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